Posted by: Admin | June 2, 2010

Welcome to Project50!

Are you over 50 or approaching your 50th birthday?  Me too – and I’d really like to meet you here on the Project50 Blog.

I’m a UK-based writer and photographer and I am planning to launch this blog on 2nd July – my 49th birthday – to celebrate life at 50.  The project will last initially for 52 weeks and will feature photographs, interviews, articles and words of wisdom around the subject of what it means to be 50 in the 21st century.   At the end of the year I aim to produce a compilation of the best contributions plus 50 portraits in book form.

There can be so many negative connotations surrounding this landmark birthday, from the insurance ads on the TV to the youth culture so prevalent in today’s society. Plus most of us by this age will have experienced at least one or other of life’s trials, whether it be divorce, depression, empty nest syndrome, redundancy, bereavement or illness.  Yet there are also so many things to celebrate – new-found freedom, second careers, grandchildren, new relationships, hobbies and interests, plus a confidence that only comes with age and experience.  Given that we are now expected to work for much longer this is just as well!

Project 50 is intended to be a positive, inspirational forum for like-minded people to share ideas and thoughts as well as an online diary of my own “passage through the portal”, as it were!  Anyone over 50 or approaching their fiftieth birthday is invited to contribute to the blog by adding comment, uploading their photographs and sending me ideas for subjects they would like to see covered over the year.  I need stories that would inspire others (new business, challenges overcome, adventures embarked upon and so on) and I need to find 50 people who are 50, or who will turn 50 in 2010/ 2011, who would like their 50th to celebrated with a portrait in the book.

You can contact me now, before the blog’s official launch, by commenting here, or by email:

I look forward to meeting you!




  1. Good luck Mum!

    • Thank you, sweetheart! x

  2. On my 49th b’day my, now ex hubby, decided that I was boring & that we should start swinging (wife swapping). It certainly made for a challenging year. I’m 59 this year divorced & very happy. This probably isn’t the sort of thing you are interested in, but it happened & I got through it!

    • Hello, Hester – welcome to Project50! First of all, thanks for taking the trouble to post and, secondly, your email address does appear to be a double entendre, whether intended or not, but I am going to take your post at face value and say you are very welcome here!

      I feel that swinging isn’t so much the issue here as the horrible way in which you were introduced to it. I am glad to hear that you are now happily divorced and would be interested to know how you “got through it” to be the happy 59 year old singleton you are today.

      Naturally, I’ll be writing about sex over 50, both from the long-married angle and the newly single and I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has conquered marital boredom in more life-affirming and supportive ways than was your experience. The blog “goes live” on 2nd July and I hope that you will become an active member of the project50 community. Do spread the word and encourage your friends to subscribe to the blog. All the best, Jo.

      • Hi
        As for the double entendre, it is hard up hester, not hard on, lol. I have my own blog, so you can check out I’m genuine. I got through it with a lot of gritted teeth for a year & walked out the week after my youngest child left home.

      • Good for you, Hester! Do send me your blog details.

  3. I’m 56 now, and can’t quite believe it. I think we’re so lucky in this day and age to be able to dress how we want, do what we want, and not be judged for it like my mother’s generation. Let me know if I can help!

    • Hi there – welcome to the project! I agree: we have so much more freedom now to dress and act how we please. As for judgement, I suspect there is still some prejudice in some quarters and I think that our memory of the attitudes of our mothers’ generation holds many back from expressing who they really are.

      I’m in Greece at the moment and the beaches and bars are full of women (and men) who are embracing life over 50 both in their capacity for fun and their love of fashion.

      I’ll be discussing fashion in a later blog and any input is appreciated. Thanks for the offer of help – at this stage, I’d be so grateful if you could spread the word and encourage like-minded folk to sign up for email alerts. Any ideas for articles or, indeed, for the development of the blog itself can be posted here or emailed to me in confidence:

      When I get home, around 24th, I’ll be setting up a project50 Facebook page and Twitter account ready for the launch on 2nd July. Thanks for taking the trouble to post – it’s quite daunting not knowing if there’s anyone out there! “Speak” soon, Jo.

  4. I think this is a great idea! I have spent many years helping lots of women and men approach this significant time with a new sense of self esteem and confidence. Time does in some ways make us more self assured, but there can be many doubts about our personal image. How to look appropriate can be very difficult if you don’t know how !
    Looking forward to working with you to make as many women and men looking as good on the outside as on the inside!

    • Thanks Jane. Note: I work with Jane on makeover photoshoots.

  5. Hey Jo,
    What a wonderful idea, would love to be involved with Project50 and write some fitness articles for you. Speak to you soon. x

    • Thank you, Becca! Please spread the word amongst all your fit fifties 😉

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