Posted by: Admin | July 8, 2010

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This is the last post of the first week of project50.  As I write, there have been over 500 visits to the site in less than a week – and I don’t have that many relatives and friends! Therefore, I know from the stats, from the increasing subscription list and from the emails I have received that there are folk out there who are reading and, in the main, enjoying the content. So I thought that now might be a good time to pause and reflect, albeit briefly, on this wonderful world of blogging what I have entered.

And what a world it is! For the first time there is an outlet for anyone with internet access to expound their views on literally anything and find an audience. There are obvious drawbacks to this – there’s next to no regulation in cyberspace, so it’s easy to find offensive material. Worse than that, quite a number of blogs are just plain dull. But if your passion is for collecting, oh, I don’t know – toenail clippings, there’s (probably) a blog where you can connect with fellow… um… disgusting folk (?)

On the flip side, it’s not difficult to find funny, touching, interesting blogs that make you feel that there’s hope for us all yet. Do post a comment with some of your favourites. This will give me even more hours to while away as I lose myself, hopping from site to site of an evening. Part of the etiquette of blogging, I am told, is to read and comment on other people’s pages. Great fun, and essential to spread the word about project50, but not so good if it takes over the writing time as it has tonight!

It’s been quite a week. Bearing in mind I work part time while busy building a new business, the researching, interviewing and writing of the blog all takes place during snatched hours. This makes for a certain degree of distraction and running for the bus in one’s slippers is not to be recommended! I have been touched by the support of relatives and friends who have fed and watered me and made sure I sleep, and the generosity of strangers – bloggers tend to be a friendly bunch, only too happy to answer questions and impart advice.  The local Radio stations, BBC Radio Northampton and HFM, have been terrific, helping me to spread the word and offering ongoing support (tune in to the John Griff show on Friday at 15.30 or on BBC iplayer for an update). Thank you – ALL of you. And please don’t stop!

This is all new to me, so do bear with me as I tweak the appearance of the blog, add widgets and pages and generally fart about. I bought a copy of WordPress for Dummies at the start, but I’m too impatient to read from cover to cover.  Therefore, I missed the bit about scheduling posts (I’ve been sitting up until midnight, ready to hit the “publish” button at 12.01 so that you’d have something to read over your cornflakes). This quite unnecessary dedication has now come to an end. I did read about stats – watching the views figures rise can be quite addictive – but generally I’ve rushed at the thing half-cocked, as is my wont.

I’m told that I am guaranteed an increase in traffic if I post something that I can tag with the word “cats”, so I’ve trawled my photo archives to see if I have a picture to post. I have dogs, insects, frogs, even ferrets, but no cats. I tend to spend more time chasing them out of the garden than photographing them. Have I added enough feline references to warrant a tag? I think I’ll slip it in, just as an experiment.

For all you cat lovers out there who have clicked through in the hope of seeing a cute cat picture, I’m sorry – have a ferret.

not a cat, but furry

This week’s FRIDAY ARTICLE will touch on the new mood of austerity sweeping the UK, whilst the SATURDAY INTERVIEW will be with super-blogger,

“The Wartime Housewife”

Be there or be somewhere else!



  1. Well done you – you’ve obviously got something here Jo. Onward and upward!

  2. PS. I really, really like ferrets, particularly the white ones with pink eyes.

  3. Thank you, WH. Ferrets are a bit smelly though, don’t you think? Jo

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