Posted by: Admin | August 1, 2010

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This is the last post (as in I’m writing it on 31st July) of the first month of project50 – and what a month it’s been!

I know you’re not interested in the fact that I’m exhausted (I am) or that this project is far more time-and-attention-consuming than I ever dreamed possible (it is), but you might like to know that I’m having an absolute blast, and that “going with the flow” can be highly recommended!

In dire need of a filing cabinet

Over the month the project seems to have developed a rough schedule: Article on Friday, usually loosely connected to The Saturday Interview. “Advice Worth Taking” on Sunday (except today!) followed by something personal on a Monday (but not tomorrow – I did say it was loose!). Tuesday and Thursday tend to be a floating feast, though I normally manage to find some “Words of Wisdom” on a Wednesday (who doesn’t need a bit of wisdom midweek?)

I’ve been trying to analyse my blog stats (which show how many “views” are made each day, though not how many discrete visitors). So far, the most viewed posts have been The Saturday Interview with The Wartime Housewife, Letter to my Sister, and Letter to my Daughters. Interestingly, it’s the more personal posts that attract the most comments, although these are often from people I know – those I don’t tend to send private emails, almost as if you feel you don’t want to be seen to be intruding on a private conversation!

Which brings me to requests – if you read something on here that moves you – in any way – please do feel free to comment. All remarks are screened before publication, (and I do reserve the right to edit) so you can be assured that your input is not only welcome, it is positively encouraged! It is lovely to receive your emails, but your thoughts, opinions and experiences will be of interest to many of my readers and I would very much like project50 to evolve into a forum for discussion. If enough people start to actively take part, I will consider adding a forum facility that can operate independently of me.

The sad, sad sight of an unused hammock...

Over the next month, I am conducting a publicity campaign with local radio stations across the UK, plus I’m angling for interviews with interesting people you might already know about. Those who remember “The Clothes Show” might recall photographer, Annabel Williams, who pioneered the “makeover” fashion shoot – if you didn’t get a chance to log on yesterday, please take a look at her interview. She’s a very inspiring character. Later in the year I have been promised a slot with an old friend who is a best-selling author. I’d love to tell you who it is, but until it’s in the bag I don’t like to count my chickens! If anyone out there has connections with anyone, well known or not, who is approaching or over 50 who has an interesting story to tell, please point them in the direction of the project and see if they would be interested in talking to me. Nothing pressurised. I’m quite nice really.

I’m always asked in interviews about my business, which I started earlier this year and have been building at the same time as the launch of project50. The primary aim of this project isn’t to promote my business, but since so many have been kind enough to take an interest and I am an example of someone in our age group starting a completely new career, I am going to write about my experience later in the week. I hope that it will encourage others to come forward and share their experiences.

Right. I have to go now – my eldest grandson is four today and a Peppa Pig Bouncy Castle awaits me oop North. Party Report to follow!!!


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