Posted by: Admin | August 22, 2010


Hi, hun.

Today marks the beginning of our 30th year of marriage – how did that happen?

Can it really be more than 30 years since you approached me in Genevieve’s (Students and Nurses night)? I was 18, you were 21. I had a waist and you had hair. And I knew, the moment you hove into view that you were THE ONE. How? Well, I was so drunk that all I could see was the nebula of light around your blond hair that lit you up like an angel. That and the fact that you didn’t run a mile when I asked you to walk me to the ladies (I was too scared I’d fall flat on my face if I tottered off on my own).

The next morning, I woke up to find an unfamiliar ring on my finger – your silver threepence, remember? –  and it all came flooding back. When you came to claim your ring back, you saw the contents of my fridge (sausages and Guinness) and you took me back to yours to feed me. From that Shepherd’s Pie on, I was hooked and you’ve been cooking for me ever since. You lucky, lucky man!

The beginning

Marriage gets a bad rap these days. Even now, I can’t bring myself to be PC and refer to you as my “partner” – you are my husband, not someone with whom I play Bridge or earn a living. We’re not “smug marrieds”, we’ve had our ups and our downs, but somehow we’ve made it through so far, sometimes through sheer stubbornness. Like the time I told you I wanted to try living on my own for a while and you responded: “Don’t be so bloody ridiculous – what do you want for your dinner?” and I, having thought long and hard about my “decision”, was so taken aback, replied, “fish?” Well, I was hungry. So, thank you for that. In the last resort there’s always dinner.

There’s a lot to be said for a shared life. We’ve made a family together, creating a circle of love that is ever-expanding, always ready to make room for more as the family grows. And we have grown, together. Thank you for the space you give me, for the love that, whilst it sometimes whispers in the background rather than sings aloud is, I know, always there. I don’t need diamonds and flowers to know that you love me. Scratch that: I don’t need flowers. 😉

It’s a family joke that on birthdays and anniversaries you buy romantic cards and mine are always jokey. I’m not comfortable with public sentiment (wowzer – what am I doing here!!!!) so I’m going to do the soppiest thing ever this year and post a song for you here for the whole world to see. It’s a sentimental song, but I mean every word. And, of course, we both look so similar to the couple in this video…

So here’s to the next 29 years. “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be…” (Robert Browning) All of my love to you, boy (Robert Plant) There I go – I just can’t do romance with a straight face. Happy Anniversary! xxx



  1. Finally got round to reading this. What a lovely letter jo, Happy Anniversary to two very special poeple xx

  2. […] wedding anniversary together. Ok, not specifically, but you get my drift. Last year, I wrote him a Letter here on the blog, so if you’ve been with me since then you probably know how I feel about […]

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