Posted by: Admin | November 10, 2010

Whelmed over

Do you ever bite off more than you can chew? I’m not meaning to complain, but why oh why do I always think I can do more than is feasible? Take this blog. It seemed like a

Shoes off

good idea back in January when I first thought of it. And I do love it, really I do. I’m meeting so many lovely, life-affirming people through it, but the need to write something at least vaguely interesting every single day is beginning to raise my blood pressure.

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t very clever to decide to start a new business at the same time. I love that too, but I’m beginning (ha – beginning!) to feel a little… overwhelmed.

Take tonight. It’s 8pm and when I’ve finished writing this, I need to put the finishing touches to over a hundred images from a family photo shoot and put together a slideshow for a viewing that’s been brought forward to tomorrow evening. I’m in London tomorrow, interviewing for the blog, so it can’t be put off until then. Normally, I love editing but to be honest, I’d quite like to kick off my shoes (metaphorically speaking), pour a glass of pink wine and slam an episode from the box set of Life on Mars in the DVD player.

I had an “incident” yesterday that involved a failed back up drive, a sleepless night worrying that we might be burgled that resulted in my taking my laptop to bed and a frantic dash this morning to the nearest Apple store. Result: two new back up drives purchased and a long lunch in Ikea to recover. Where’s my stamina? My resilience? My ability to man up and get on with it?

I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking I can do everything myself, and I patently can’t. A wise man told me recently to outsource anything that takes me away from the important stuff, so this morning I arranged for someone to do my books. It’s a start.

I am fortunate to be fed by Husband of my heart, now all I need is someone to clean my house, make sure my technology is working and a give me a hand with all the admin (where does it all come from?) Oh yes, and someone to organise a plumber to look at the broken downstairs loo and fix the radiator in my study so that I can sit at my desk to work. If the curtains were hung in there that would make it warmer too. An electrician would be good to fix the broken light and if someone could organise for the dishwasher to be fixed, I’d be ever so grateful.

Then I’ll be able to devote myself to taking pictures, making slideshows and writing interesting stuff on here instead of endless drivel like this. Any offers?



  1. Speaking as one who has just finished writing my blog at 00:27, I feel your pain.

    I could probably clean your house, mend your lavatory and hang your curtains. Ask me in a couple of weeks!

  2. what you need is a twin or a good PA, No i am not offering ,However i to feel your pain as i can’t rember the last time i had a day to myself. today is my day off and guess what im off on a course . are we supose to slow down when we get to 50?

  3. Some things never change! This is nothing to do with you turning 50, you’ve always been this way! Unfortunately we’ve all left home now so theres no delegation available to you! 😉

    Take a deep breath, write a list and do things one by one! And go to bed on time! xxxx

  4. I could clean and hang your curtains, sisterly love xxx

  5. Welcome to the life of the self employed women if you lucky you will meet yourself coming in the opposite direction. You need a retinue of men and women who can! I will email a few numbers! : ) X

  6. I do like your wisdom of IKEA – meatballs, gravy and chips.. No pressure, but please don’t give up the blog just yet – I am new to blogging and you are the highlight of my day (not to mention an inspiration)

  7. I know just how you feel! When I first started my photography business I was overwhelmed very quickly – I ended up doing 90% admin and 10% photography so I knew something had to change! Well done for getting a book keeper – that will change your life! So will a cleaner! And next you need to find someone to help with your admin – I’ve never been able to afford any staff when I hired them – I just made sure I chose people who I thought could pay for themselves within a year, because it would give me more time to go out and do the things I enjoyed – shooting more pictures, so I could pay them! It certainly worked for me! The worst bit is when you end up with too many staff and your job becomes all about sorting staff out – so go carefully!!! As for the blog – I am sure all of us would be more than happy to see a post every other day, rather than every day – it would give us all chance to be able to read them all too!! Your business is really important – getting the balance right is the key! Go for it!! x

  8. Thank you, everybody, for commenting. It’s like getting a hug – a cyber-hug!

    I know you mean well, WH, but you’re not helping – I know you could probably do all those things, which only underlines my own inadequacy 😉

    Donna – slow down? It’s a joke isn’t it? I do like being busy, though. It keeps me distracted from other issues in my life and keeps me out of mischief! And out of my children’s hair!

    Speaking of whom … when did you get to be so wise, Beth? But I’m not quite ready for the role-reversal thing just yet!

    THank you, sis, but you’ve got enough on your plate. Besides, you haven’t done that thing you promised with my chairs yet, lol.

    Self-employment I’m used to, Jane, it’s the speed at which it’s all happening that floored me.

    Julie – thank you so much for the encouragement – I do hope I won’t disappoint you :-\

    Annabel – thanks for sharing that! It’s easy to look at someone who’s “made it” and think it was effortless!

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