Posted by: Admin | November 26, 2010

A Weight on my Mind

So about a month ago I was thinking, I’ve put on a pound or ten and maybe I ought to do something about it, but I don’t believe in dieting so I’ll just cut down on the biscuits and jump around a bit more aim to lose just half a pound a week because that’s 26 pounds in a year which would make me pretty close to my so called ideal weight. So far I’ve put on four pounds. Wtf?

American "salad"

I guess that supports my theory that diets don’t work. I like my food. I like healthy, crunchy food, but I tend to supplement liberally with sugar and fat, especially when I’m anxious. Since I’m a mother of four, that’s pretty much all the time. Some people lose their appetite when under stress, but I have to be pretty much in shock for that to happen to me.

Son no.2, packing it in in Nashville, 2007

Back in October, I mentioned this subject and oldfool (a regular on project50) told me he has to stick to 1800 calories to maintain his weight. Sigh.

My problem is that I’m too lazy to organise myself. What I need is someone to put delicious, calorie-counted food in front of me six times a day (including snacks), top up my water glass so I remember to drink it, set out my gym kit and drive me there. I don’t want to have to think about it because, as they say, where attention goes, energy flows and I prefer to use my energy on more interesting things than counting calories.

I know that I’m going to have to, though, since I’ve reached a tipping point. I’ve started reaching for the Rennies again and I haven’t got a thing to wear. I guess I’d better muster some willpower and get on with it. With an attitude like this, it might be easier to resign myself to a life shopping in Evans. Ho hum.


  1. Check out my site for some interesting ways to understand weight loss and more importantly why 80% of ALL Americans are that way with 32% obese. You may find out that it’s not all about being a couch potato.

    God bless you,
    Michael Lantz

  2. Today I went for it. Pounds of deep fried turkey, cornbread dressing made with chicken gizzards, fresh yeast rolls and butter, corn on the cob with butter and sausage gravy. Add a extra half bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon on top of my regular bottle of chianti. I busted my eating habit so much today that I’m going one step further and having some vanilla ice cream. Tomorrow “she who cooks” is making a pecan pie and I’m eating that too.
    Then it’s back to 1800 calories a day including the wine. It’s hard but I was miserable at 223lbs (101 k) 2 years and eight months ago and I’m comfortable at 193. I should be about 160 but right now I reaching for 190.. I don’t do diets. I just write down everything I swallow everyday. It keeps me from putting everything I see in my mouth. I have pretty much what I want just small portions. When I get my ice cream it will be a measured 1/2 cup (160 calories), Unlike some people I know that just eat the carton.

  3. Id leave it till after your weekend away. Mummy who cooks has been baking some of your favs!!!! PS There is nothing wrong with Evans xx

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