Posted by: Admin | December 4, 2010

The Bucket List

Several of you have mentioned a bucket list over recent posts (for those unfamiliar with the term, it’s one of those “to do” lists, only more profound). It got me thinking: I spend so much time in the here and now, I never seem to get time to dream. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours: it’s Saturday – take some time and dream along with me!

Sometime very soon I want to…

  • Drive from coast to coast across the USA
  • Read my grandson a bedtime story
  • Get drunk in Las Vegas
  • See the Norwegian Fjords
  • Kiss my hurting daughter’s precious face
  • Return to Mississippi
  • Then finish writing my book: “The Boy in the Black Cowboy Hat”
  • Visit my mother’s family
  • Drink rum punch with my toes in white Bahamian sand
  • Dance!
  • Let go – it is what it is
  • Find the perfect camera bag
  • Learn how to operate a film camera
  • Buy a camper van and drive away…


  1. Love your list :0)

  2. My list runs into seven leatherbound volumes, but I will attempt to precis!

    1. Go to India and travel round

    2. Run a successful company that freed me from financial worry but made a contribution to society at the same time

    3. Live in a big enough house that I could have a library and a room just for my train set

    4. Live in a big enough house that I could put up my entire family for a weekend

    5. Live in a big enough house that my mother could have a cottage in the grounds

    6. Send both my children to private school on my own income

    7. Visit my family and friends in Canada, Australia and Tasmania

    8. Have a holiday every year

    9. Have a dressmaker who could make anything I wanted

    10. Sponsor a string quartet and some singers who specialised in Baroque and Early Music who would have to play for me whenever I wanted them to. It would have to include a Counter Tenor.

  3. WH – methinks you are a secret despot! And a born lady of the manor 😉

  4. How could you ever doubt it?!

  5. there is something very powerful about having your “bucket list” written down…then looking it over occasionally. I made a scrapbook in 2000 with decorated pages ready for photos when I complete each thing. It is amazing how many things have been tried since then!

    And beyond having that “bucket list” at the ready, one must be brave enough sometimes to take a leap and do things that might not appear to be the most responsible choices. Four years ago my husband was diagnosed with life threatening cancer. A few months after nine months of tests, surgeries, and treatments, we faced the unexpected death of one of our teenaged sons. That was enough for us to re-examine our lives and realize life is indeed too short to put off dreams and plans.

    We bought an RV and a pickup truck to pull it and took off for 9 months of wandering across the USA with our two youngest children. What a wonderful gift! That change of routine has helped us refocus our lives. And we are now living in a very different place doing very different work than we were so “responsibly” doing before.

    So…don’t forget to re-read your “bucket list” occasionally. And then make sure you actually DO some of these things on the list!

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