Posted by: Admin | January 18, 2011

The BIG Questions: what do you hate?

I’m not talking about real hate – that’s a different kettle of fish. It’s one of those overused and devalued words, isn’t it? I try to steer away from real hate. It’s such a self-destructive feeling that invariably comes from a place of insecurity and fear. Hate can be a mirror that you hold up to yourself – if you hate something or someone it’s often because it or they are reflecting something back at you that you don’t like about yourself or your own situation. TIme to deal with it, for hate can damage the hater far more than the object of their emotion. It fizzes away inside like an indistinguishable flame, burning you up and licking away at the edges of more positive emotions. It gives you a face that’s stuck in an expression like a slapped arse. It gives you wrinkles.

No, I’m talking about what makes you really angry… or disgusted. Here’s my list. Please use the Comments button to join in.

BULLYING : No. 1 on my list. I HATE bullying of all kinds, from the playground to the workplace to inside the home. Anyone who makes another person feel crushed, or physically afraid, is scum in my book. There’s too much casual bullying in our society, fed by inane reality TV programmes that hold people up for ridicule and bring out the worst in all of us.

PAPAYAS & GOATS CHEESE : Together or separately – Bleurghhhhh!

CALL CENTRE MENUS : I have a life. You are supposed to be providing me with some kind of customer service for which I am usually paying through the nose. Provide me with an English-speaking human being (because that’s my language, as the customer) who picks up the bloody phone!

PREJUDICE : all the -isms. of course: racism, sexism, ageism etc. But also social snobbery, which cuts both ways. We’re all individuals. No one chooses the circumstances into which they are born, whether with the proverbial “silver spoon” in the mouth or in a ghetto. It’s what you do with it that makes you who you are, crucially, how you treat other people.

JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE : follows on from the above, but expands on it too. Look at your own life and actions before you judge other people’s. And keep your advice to yourself unless you’re asked for it.

GOSSIP : we all do it, but “harmless gossip” is an oxymoron.

RESTRICTIONS : Aside from laws and rules designed to protect society as a whole, don’t tell me what I can or can’t do, or say, or think, or feel. You’re on a hiding to nothing anyway!

Wow – this is not a good way to start the day!  I had intended this to be a light-hearted rant and now I’m all discombobulated. How are you feeling? Quick – offload now with your own pet “hate”! You know you want to. Tomorrow I’ll counter this with a list of “loves”. I hope you’ll join me 😉



  1. People not taking responsibility, other than the time it takes to point fingers at others citing its nothing to do with them. If they’d been as quick to respond to the issue as they were to the question we wouldn’t be in this mess – clearly a bit raw subject for me this morning so I’ll stop before I get too irrational. (Oh yeah and Man U fans … )

  2. Oh dear – have you been woken up too early by a papaya this morning?

    My list of ‘hates’ or bete noirs would be so long it would have to be published in 7 leather bound volumes. It would be called ‘And another thing…’

    I, too, hate bullying and judgemental people, also narrow minded people, and those who make no attempt to empathise with others. I hate lack of courtesy and people who are careless of other people’s feelings and values. I also really hate English Mustard – even the smell of it turns my stomach. I despise people who do nothing, those who have every advantage yet waste their days in useless, self-indulgent activity. I also detest James Cordon.

  3. Oh – and soppy girls, women who can’t park and people who constantly mis-pronounce words. I would happily impose life imprisonment on people who pronounce ‘mischievous’ as ‘mis-cheev-eeus’.

  4. You probably know most of mine, and the obvious being at the moment;

    People not taking responsibility for their own lives and sailing through leaving destruction that they cannot comprehend as everything is a game to them.

    I would love to breeze through life and I make every attempt to, but it is those that have no grasp on what it is to be a civil and kind human being that “grind my gears” Especially, I might add, when they think they are so “nice”.

  5. He isn’t worth any more of your head space, sweetheart.
    Thanks for your comments, Gary and WH. And for those of you who sent emails – share on here, I dare you! 😉

  6. “That’ll be £1-50 Thankyou”….Thankyou comes after you get my money!!!

    What about those telephone answer menu’s that keep you waiting while you are already paying for the call, I’d much rather be listening to ring tone for 20 minutes than hear my meter clocking up call charges!

    Mobile phone-weilding drivers, still oblivious to other road users.

    I could go on

    and on

    and on!!!

  7. oh dear! so what do you love, Rich?

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