Posted by: Admin | January 19, 2011

The BIG Questions: What do you love?

Yesterday, I started the day with a list of the things I hate. Lesson learned – start the day with negative emotion and you’re screwed for the rest of the day! I felt like a limp lettuce, as if I’d had an enormous row with someone who’d left having taken my batteries out. Not nice. I do hope I didn’t have the same effect on you!

Let’s hope today is more positive since I’m now starting my “love” list! Again, please feel free to add your own loves by clicking on the comments box below. So, what do I love?

MY FAMILY : First and foremost, always and forever. A day spent with any one of them is usually a day where I am truly, purely happy.

CAKE : and biscuits and chocolate. Actually, I have a love-hate relationship with certain combinations of fat and sugar that probably began when, as a toddler, my Grandmother (my mother-substitute) would scoop a knob of butter onto her finger, dip it in the sugar bowl and pop it into my mouth as a “treat”. It’s the feeling these foods give me that I love. I fancy celery now I’ve written that down!

WORK : Bear with me here… I love collaborating with others; moulding ideas into words and pictures; the buzz of seeing a customer loving what I’ve produced for them. I love being able to make a living from doing something I enjoy – at last!

THE OUTDOORS : nothing beats a walk in the fresh air and sunshine. And it’s freeeee! (well, it was the last time I looked – are they taxing our footsteps yet?)

FRIENDS : and making more of them now that I have the time and opportunity to meet new people. Like-minded friends are rare and precious.

TRAVELLING : I get itchy feet if I stay in one place for too long. My idea of heaven is a road trip, especially in the US. I need new sights, sounds, smells to keep my creative side fresh, and I need to meet new people to challenge my own view of the world on a regular basis.

LEARNING NEW THINGS : I’m never happier than when I’m immersed in a fresh idea or something that is new to me.

WRITING THIS BLOG : because I love the way it has connected me, both directly and indirectly, with so many interesting, interested people. People like YOU, in fact!

ENTHUSIASTIC PEOPLE : You won’t catch me making fun of a trainspotter (well, I might indulge in a little gentle teasing!) because I love people who show interest and enthusiasm for things. David Attenborough, Bruce Parry, Jamie Oliver. Son no 1 when he’s on a rant (often!). These people have a passion for things that carries you along, even if you don’t give two hoots about cookery, or wildlife, or the sex life of bees. Essentially, they are givers. Life-affirmers. Love ’em!

BEING A GRANDMA : a smile; a small hand slipped into mine; a little voice on the phone: a joy.

I am so relieved that my “love” list is longer than my “hate” one! Add to that all the little things: a CUP OF TEA, a WARM BATH, a NEW BOOK, a BLANK PAGE, a lazy SUNDAY LUNCH, the feeling you get after a GOOD WORK OUT and, of course:

MY HUSBAND : specifically, spending proper time with him as opposed to living in the same house and living our lives in parallel. But perhaps that’s more of a yearning than a love at the moment…





  1. I read both lists with interest, and it’s clear that what you love is strong enough to turn those justifiably negative aspects of life into positives (although I’m not sure cake will fully negate the aftertaste of papayas and goats cheese).

  2. Thank you for your comment, Michael – and welcome to the project! I had a quick look at your blog (but couldn’t find a comment button). Good to connect with a fellow “human” who shares similar fears and frailties. I hope you’ll stay in touch 😉

  3. My sister xxxx For being so clever and very special xx

  4. I concur with much of your list – my children, cake, enthusiastic people, blogging and learning new things. I would also add that I love: hot baths and a warm enough bathroom to linger for an hour, the countryside, good films, Mozart, all dogs, my cats, reading, the sea, collecting things, pre-Raphaelite paintings, entertaining, chocolate and dirty sex. I could go on…

  5. WH! 😉

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