Posted by: Admin | March 24, 2011

Concerning Holidays…

Husband of my heart is a Structural Engineer. There aren’t many perks associated with that profession (look up “Structural Engineering” in the Yellow Pages directory and it says: “see Boring”) so when he was asked to check the soundness of a swimming pool in sunny Tenerife, I was first to volunteer to hold the tape measure.

not funny

I don’t know what it is about holidays: I long for them, but when I get there the concept of doing nothing eludes me. I wouldn’t want to holiday with me – I’m hard work. Usually, at home, I keep myself busy, if not physically, then mentally. If I stop, allow myself to pause, I am afraid that the depression that stalks me periodically will find a way to take hold of me again. Its obviously something I need to address, for three days into this break I found myself overwhelmed by a wave of despair, preceding an existential crisis of epic proportions.

It didn’t help that I still had access to rolling news coverage of disaster on Japan and war in Lybia. Friday was Red Nose Day in the UK, a curious mix of comedy and harrowing reports of dying children on the African continent, children in the UK (700,000 apparently) who act as unpaid carers to a sick parent and, sickeningly, youngsters groomed and exploited by sexual predators. Actually, writing if all down, I can forgive myself for feeling despairing.

I wish, though, that I could put if all aside, even for a week, take off my clothes and add to the acres of grey, bloated flesh adorning this man-made beach. Unfortunately, I have a mild sun allergy which means I have to stay in the shade, not easy in a resort where sun worship is the main activity.

Following my usual pattern, about three days in I start to let go of all my existential angst and slow myself down for long enough for my husband to have a sleep on the beach – before I drag him off walking, or looking for nature’s art gallery. Then, as quickly as it descends, my black mood lifts and I have fours days left to enjoy!

Given all of the above, Tenerife would not be my first choice for a holiday. However, if you walk away from the beaches and into the interior, you encounter an area of such outstanding natural beauty, it takes your breath away. Tomorrow will be a photoblog, but here’s a taster of what makes me happy on holiday:


El Teide - The volcano that made Tenerife



  1. Existential angst is no fun.

    I believe part of an existential crisis is something else going on in your life. When you’re happy, it’s interesting that most people aren’t too concerned with existential issues. When your depression, anxious, angry, or incredibly stressed out, these issues can fester and grow.

    Also, I believe that many existential issues are brought on by a lack of meaning in one’s life. I’m very interested in the theories of Victor Frankl and his creation of Logo therapy whereby it allows the person to find what’s most important in their lives and attach meaning to it. This meaning can keep us grounded and give us a sense of purpose in our lives.

    This isn’t something I’ve written about yet on my site, but you’ve definitely given me an idea for my next article. I thank you for that.

    Good luck on your site and I hope this article helps a few others as much as it did for me.


    • Thank you for your comments, David. I’ve found that figuring out what is most important to you and then trying to base your life around those things is the key to keeping depression at bay. Most of the time! I look forward to reading your article.

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