Posted by: Admin | May 15, 2011

I Love my Life!

That’s not something you would have heard me say very often two years ago. Tired, broke, overweight, lonely, depressed… I was so fed up with feeling unhappy, eventually I decided to take control. What did I have to lose? The idea for this blog came first, becoming a full time professional photographer happened by “accident”. Someone told me resentfully the other day that I am “lucky”. I am certainly blessed to have this second chance at life, but luck is something you have to make for yourself – you have to put the work in.

Who would have thought where all this would lead? I didn’t know when I started, I just knew I had to keep moving forward. I certainly did not envision myself spending the day in a disused South London factory, photographing a gorgeous Italian model like Ben. And since life is all about sharing, I’m sharing these pictures with you… 

Be the change you want in your life. It might not necessarily lead to beautiful young men staring into your eyes (which, fortunately, are hidden by a camera lens!) but you deserve to love your life too. Make it happen. xxx




  1. Jo, I love the fact that you love your life, what a great place to be when you have been through and conquered so many emotional journeys, determination and staying power have seen you through tough times, congratulations. xxx

  2. Bless you, Kim – and thank you. I hope that you are loving life too. x

  3. I’m very proud of you, Jo, and rather inspired. I don’t know if I’ll ever become a full-time writer but the initial transition is a LOT of fun xoxox

  4. Well, bless you too, Sir! The thing is with writing, I find, is if you do it full time you can become disconnected from the experiences that feed your imagination. I produce my best work when I’m short on time and pressed up against a deadline (usually at 4am)!

    I’ve come to the conclusion (not exactly originally) that it’s the trying that’s the exhilarating part. If one can get over the constant fear of not being good enough, look fear of failure in the eye and learn to live with the ever-present fear of not “making it”, then it’s worth it purely for being able to do what you love!

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