Posted by: Admin | May 22, 2011

Online reveal

Some time ago, son no. 2 persuaded me to have a go at an XBox game. It was called Mortal-War-Creed-Assassin or something. It required me to sneak up on people and  do unspeakable things to them before they shot me and it was horrible. Not because the graphics were… well, graphic, but because my body started pumping out adrenalin as if it was real.

To be fair, I was the same in 1979 when Space Invaders hit the amusement arcades. Every time one of those pesky little critters got zapped I got more and more stressed because it was MY FAULT! So I have a theory that I thought I’d share with you – I think you can tell an awful lot about a person by their computer game playing style. (Of course, you could argue that you can tell a lot about a person if they play computer games at all, but that’s another story).

Take Son No.1. He thinks through his tactics before he even turns the game on – that’s a major part of the fun for him. He’s a cool-headed strategist, a problem solver – in short, he’s a cerebral player. Son No.2, on the other hand, charges in, all guns blazing. While he normally gets cut down within minutes, he takes a heck of a lot characters with him. He’s a blunderbuss. When I played with him, he had me screaming “what’s your exit strategy?” as he was cut down in a hail of cyber-bullets.

So – one son has a Masters degree in Astrophysics and one is a musician, and no, I’m not running a competition – it’s bloomin’ obvious which is which, isn’t it? Whereas I am a nervous wreck, especially if I’m coerced into playing computer games!



  1. Don’t do it Jo, if you HAVE to play these games with your children to demonstrate that you’re an engaged parent, get them ones where you have to save dolphins, or perhaps competitive alottment planning. Pingu is good, or perhaps Bob the Builder.

  2. I’m just throwing it out there, but I seem to recall someone playing pipe-dream until the small hours of the morning…

    Anyone who can become obsessed to the point of being unable to go to bed over a game where you rotate pipes to male the liquid traverse a maze should not play any game which is actually interesting!

    Unfortunately most games do involve killing things “Call of Duty” is a massive hit. “Fat middle-aged men in suits hammer out a well debated truce, leading to a protracted period of peace” never really saw the same sales.

  3. Hahahahaha – I’d forgotten about that! Now, if “Fat middle-aged men in suits hammer out a well debated truce, leading to a protracted period of peace” had a more snappy name, maybe it would have been up there…

    When I was at Leicester Uni, my lecturer in Diplomacy (oh yes, I see the irony in me taking lessons in diplomacy) told us that there was an entire diplomatic community on “Second Life” who hashed out real life problems within the game. Now that’s interesting. Imagine if interested laypeople got the chance to play games like that – would it “do a Twitter” and affect real life?

    When are you starting a blog, Ben? Your way with words should not languish within the four walls of your own life for much longer 😉

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