Posted by: Admin | May 31, 2011

So much to do, so little energy to go round…

Darn, I’m tired. Does anyone else have that problem as they approach 50? I find that I can leap around and be energetic for a day, then I have to schedule in a quieter day before I can press repeat. It’s bloomin frustrating when there’s so much interesting stuff to be done.

Take this week. Saturday was a full on day with the wedding, Sunday I barely wanted to move from the sofa. Yesterday I took part in a mass shoot – 8 people (“real” people as opposed to models) 4 photographers and 4 locations within the function rooms of Whittlebury Hall, organised by inspirational, super-energetic Buckinghamshire-based photographer, Jaz Ampaw-Farr. (To be fair, she does have 10 years on me) Today I need to go to London this afternoon for an evening seminar, which means that this morning has to be spent on me bum. (Laptop on lap, mind – I’m not completely comatose!)

At 53, Husband of my heart can still run the 7 miles round the local reservoir in good time, but his recovery time is significantly slower – he’s stiff and sore for days afterwards. He doesn’t have the low energy days that I have though. I’ve always had just two speeds: full speed and stop, but it’s more like “normal person’s speed and come to a complete standstill” as I’ve got older. We eat well, take appropriate supplements, get plenty of sleep – help me out here, folks: is this normal?

Here’s my favourite image from yesterday:



  1. Jo – I thought that you were totally amazing yesterday and I never would have known that you were tired. Thank you for reigning in me and Pip while we bounced about, LOL.

    At 39 I can say that I’m already feeling the effects of age and the impact it has on my recovery. My legs ache from dancing on Saturday and, after three consecutive mornings of running, my ankles are playing up.

    So yes, it’s perfectly normal 😉

    Beautiful image of Becky and Marcelle – I thought that they were an absolutely charming couple.

    Stu x

    • Good to know it doesn’t show! (If you saw me today, though…)

  2. Love the photo Jo, I can see why it is your favourite! What your feeling re tiredness seems pretty normal, especially when u consider that u have been so busy! Yes age can take it’s toal but a balanced healthy lifestyle also plays a part. Do you get enough quality exercise – the reason that I ask is that whenever I relax my exercise activities (which can be pretty full on) I often feel really lethargic .i.e. doing no exercise makes me feel more tired than do some exercise!

    I have actually noted though that my body does take a little longer to recover from really heavy exercise than it used to.

    Just keep having fun and following your passion.

    • Hi Wayne – thanks for commenting. I don’t exercise as much as I “should”, mainly because I find it wipes me out for the rest of the day! I’ve taken to regular walking rather than the gym and I’m trying to curb my habit of staying up to late when I’m anxious!

      The other problem I have, probably psychological, is that I cared for both my daughters when they had ME. The main way of living with that condition is pacing, and I think I got into the habit of doing it with them. I’ve never been a really high energy person, and Im so paranoid about slipping into that chronic fatigue state (the TATT – tired all the time syndrome!) that I daren’t push myself when I feel really tired. I don’t want to miss anything!

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