Posted by: Admin | June 1, 2011

And so, the end is near…

…but nowhere near, my final curtain… I trust! This being June 1st, I am now entering my last month as a forty-something. I am no longer filled with dread at the thought of turning 50 and I am actually looking forward to my party (though I must think about getting something to wear!)

The question is – whereto project50? That was the question most often asked at the beginning when I was interviewed about it, and it’s a question that has begun to occupy me more and more. At the beginning, I said, truthfully, that I didn’t know. I deliberately didn’t plan this far ahead, this being an exercise in “seeing what happens”.

I set out to post daily, but by Christmas recognised I had bitten off more than I could chew. This is the 317th post, so it seems I’ve actually missed less than 20 days over the past 11 months. I don’t intend to post daily after 2nd July, but I don’t think I can bear to simply sail off (on a Saga over-50’s cruise-liner or otherwise) into the sunset.

If you have any thoughts about how you would like to see the project develop (or even if you’ve just been hanging in out of politeness and was looking forward to me simply going away) now is the time to say your piece. After all, I say mine on an almost daily basis… x



  1. C’mon, with a bit more will power and desire you could sprint into the final straight, knock out 2 posts a day in the last month and acheive that pantheon of greatness – 365 posts in a calender year. (I’m only thinking of you as I’d hate to find you on July 2nd crying into your pink daikuiri saying if only …)

    Yours birthday boy


    • Belated Happy Birthday, Gary! It’ll be my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to…

  2. I think you should keep i t going in to your 51st year, even if just once a week. Many of your posts have been thoguth provoking and inspiring, after one such post I actually decideded to get off my butt and look in to pursuingo ne of my dreams, and wouldnt have done that with out you, and your wise words, so keep on writing xxxxxxx

    • Bless you. You’d probably have done “it” any way – I do hope “it’s” going well (all very cryptic!)

  3. It hasn’t been long since I “found” you—and I would hate to have you disappear! You picked a blog name that works for another decade, so why not just post occasionally, whenever you have something you really want to share: a photo, a thought, an event, a new idea, etc. (Just remind readers to sign up for email notification of posts or a “feed” so they won’t miss anything when the blog moves to a sporadic schedule.)

    • Thank you, JE – I’ve just realised that I’ve been talking to you on separate occasions thinking you were two separate people! Sensible suggestions. 😉

  4. Hola, I too have only just found you and love reading your blogs, although i really have no idea how the blogging thing works!iIlike being in my own bubble with rose tinted spectacles. I press buttonss on the computer and see where it leads me, kind of how i take life, changing paths to see where I end up, and what adventures to have on the way, be it good or bad, everything is an experience and learning curve. Looking forward to Jo Blackwell the author book coming out, you have a marvellous style of writing. Keep writing x

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