Posted by: Admin | June 18, 2011

My own Personal Bucket List

I started this year with a long, long list of things I wanted to achieve at 50. Things like climbing the Norwegian Fjords, (not the actual fjords, of course – the rocks around them…what are they called? Cliffs?) visiting all the US states, losing a stone in weight etc etc. Well, I’ve achieved the last and there’s no reason (apart from finance!) why I won’t do all the other things that were on my Bucket List. However, I have learned so much about myself through writing his blog. My life has changed over the past year, and so have my priorities.

So, what do I wish for myself now that I’m almost at that fiftieth birthday milestone? Here’s my own personal Bucket List:

  • I hope I stay curious. Curiosity is, in my opinion, the greatest attribute that a parent can nurture in a child. It gives us the ability to stay interested in the world.
  • I hope I stay fit and supple in body and mind so that I can enjoy the years ahead
  • I’m looking forward to taking more and more photographs and finding a way to share them with the world
  • I wish to stay connected, and to become useful in my community
  • I will continue to watch the progress of my children and grandchildren with pride and wonder
  • I would like to spend more time with my sisters and my brother
  • I want to dance, sing and drink champagne on a regular basis
  • I look forward to continuing to love my husband, for the rest of our days
And that’s it, really. I guess I’ve discovered that life is simple. It’s about family, friends and community. It’s about being useful. It’s about having an open heart as well as an open mind. And I’ve realised that I’m ok. Which is really quite important.
I wish the same for each of you (except for the loving my husband bit)

LIfe is for Living



  1. I look forward to sharing it with you. Am I supposed to be doing some of things too? When are we going to the US? Vegas at the end of October (too hot in August)? Well we should celebrate our 30th anniversary properly.

    Note to readers. ‘Yes Jo was 20 when we got married, a very beautiful 20 year old. And she still is’.

  2. Hello, dear – at work already? We’re spending far too much time apart just lately if we are now communicating via a blog! Of course you are meant to be doing it with me. And yes, we must celebrate our 30th in a way that we will remember as we remember our wedding day, doing something that makes us feel good and sets us up for the next 30 years. Now go and get on with your work so you can pay for it. xxx

  3. Looks to me like your new list is making the “CAKE”…and all those other things you want to do someday will be the icing to that cake. The cake is sweet and good all the time (well, most of the time…you know what I mean)…the icing just makes it extra special at times. ENJOY! 😀

    • Hi Jill. Coincidentally, I ate some cake today (gluten free clementine cake) and it was horrible! Not sweet at all. 😉

  4. I love your first goal of “staying curious”. That is so important to me because it leads to learning and having new experiences. Best of luck on your list!

    • Welcome, Annette – and thanks for your comment. I agree – curiosity is numero uno on my list for so many reasons!

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