Posted by: Admin | July 15, 2011

Celebrate Life!

© IPS Photography

Celebrate Life! That’s the tagline for my business, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing since 2nd July! When I started this project, I said “It’s all about me, and it’s all about you.” Well, I’m conscious that it’s been all about me the past few posts! Today isn’t going to be any different, I’m afraid – so I’m hoping you’ll indulge me for just one more week! Then it will be your turn…

The fabulous Houndogs © IPS Photography

For all those of you who feel as I did about having a party, let me tell you, it’s worth all the angst. My friend, Ian Price of IPS Photography was there to record mine, so I’d like to introduce you to my family:

Raising a glass to one hell of a year... © IPS Photography

I’ve exploited them all mercilessly in this blog, a fact that they have taken with tremendous good humour. They travelled from Manchester, from Bath, from Guildford and from Newquay to spend one night together, in honour of my birthday. Their love and support mean the world to me.

The family © IPS Photography

My "babies", left to right: Ben, Beth, Dan and Katy © IPS Photography

The day after the party, those of us who remained went out for Sunday lunch and Husband of my Heart presented me with tickets for a West End show “Million Dollar Quartet” – an imaginary reconstruction of the night in December 1956 when Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry  Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley all came together for an impromptu jam session at Sun Studios. It was a wonderful, light-hearted show – and I was able to give the dress a second airing!

I woke up in the hotel the next morning to find that son no 2 had lugged suitcases to the hotel two days before which had been hidden, unbeknownst to me, in a wardrobe. My case had been lovingly packed by my husband with an eclectic selection of mismatched clothes, most of which had been in a pile ready for the charity shop. My dismay soon turned into excitement as I realised that I was about to fulfil item no.1 on my bucket list: we were flying to Norway. That lunchtime.

I have never been so thoroughly and delightfully surprised as I have over the past two weeks. Thank you to everyone who made it happen. Being 50 is fabulous!

on top of the world at 50!


The blue ice of Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Gerainger Fjord



  1. Now that is a dangerous and distinguished looking group. You appear to be in good hands.

  2. Hi Jo, looks like you had a gteat time – sorry we weren’t there.
    Am finding it strange not to have a Project 50 message sat on my laptop for my first cup of coffee of the morning. It alway provided a thought provoking start to the day (and in some cases like ‘Dance Like No One is Watching’ a very distracting start … have you read the back story?)
    Sure we’ll meet and catch up soon and we can compare notes on our respective Norway trips
    Have enjoyed all the posts and am looking forward to Project 100!*
    Trust you are all well
    (*apologies if this is the umpteenth reference to this!)

  3. Thanks for the appreciation, Gary. It’s been good to have you along for the ride!

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