Posted by: Admin | December 11, 2011

A Perfect Day

Husband of my Heart saw Santa yesterday, so now his year is complete. Not that he needed his belief reinforcing by meeting the great man, but you could tell that inside his boots, his toes were curled with excitement as we queued. Husband, that is, not Santa.

Santa appeared a little discombobulated by an account of a grown man’s good deeds and asked him how old he was. “53”, he replied, “and-“

“Actually,” interrupted the eldest of our three grandsons, “Grandad has been very naughty. He teases me all the time.” There was a second’s silence in the grotto.

“But I’m a Grandad – that’s my job!”

Santa smiled sagely. “Let’s take Grandad out of the equation for now, shall we? What’s your name? And are you on my good list?”

And so back to Son no 1’s flat to decorate the tree. He wasn’t going to bother, being a bit bah humbug about Christmas in general, but luckily his eldest son was having none of it. Banging on the Christmas music, he and his little brother danced around the room, the baby looking on and kicking his little legs in delight. Then they looped Christmas stars and baubles round the branches until even Daddy was compelled to don a Christmas hat and dance a jig. That’s the thing with Christmas: it gets to us all in the end.

After weeks of feeling under the weather, spending those few precious hours with my husband, son and grandchildren was just the tonic I needed. Being a grandmother is one of the greatest gifts life has given me and one of the greatest compensations for growing older. They live too far away for me to be with them as often as I would like, but it gives me endless joy to see their faces light up when I walk in the room. And since my son doesn’t allow me to bring sweets, I know they really are pleased to see me, not just the contents of my handbag!

The little one is at the stage where he repeats the end of everything you say: “Do you want to hang the Christmas star,” “Christmas Star”, “That’s a tricky one!” “Tricky one.” So I decided to see how far it would go and said: “That was serendipitous!” He paused for a moment, looked me straight in the eye and said, “yes, Grandma.”

We travelled home last night to our evenly decorated tree and I felt quite sad. It’s not so long ago that ours was bottom heavy and leaned slightly drunkenly to one side like our son’s. I always resisted the urge to rearrange it beyond making it stable after the children had gone to bed – it wouldn’t have been the same if I did and I’d hate to think of them noticing and thinking they hadn’t done it “right”. I think I might put on the Christmas CD this evening and spend a little time dis-arranging ours, just for old time’s sake.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Every year I attempt to sit on Father Christmnas’ knee and tell him what I want for Christmas. It has the added pleasure of embarrassding Boy the Elder to an almost unbearable degree.

    We’re doing our tree this week and it takes me every ounce of willpower not to re-arrange it. Lack of symetry messes with my head….

    • Your comment has left me with an indelible image etched on my brain. Merry Xmas, WH!

  3. During the early years of our marriage, I took great pride in having an elegantly decorated tree with burgundy bows and simple garland and white lights. Then Tink came along. Before long it was colored lights and handmade decorations and no symmetry at all. Now that Tink is 13 the tree is improving, but my favorite decorations are the lopsided ones she made as a child. Remind your son to appreciate the chaos now!

  4. Welcome to project50, Mrs Angry. You’ll find lots of fellow feeling here, plus some inspiration, I hope!
    Life has taught my son to cherish the little moments, so I think his tree will remain just as it was decorated by the little ones. Have a good Christmas.

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