Posted by: Admin | January 5, 2012

ADOS: Attention Deficient Ooo Shiny!

On my way home to Northamptonshire from Bath last night, I was diverted onto the M48 because the Severn Bridge was closed to traffic due to high winds.

UK readers will know there are several things wrong with that statement. For a start, Wales is not usually on my itinerary – clearly I took the wrong turning onto the M4 and, in the driving rain, failed to notice the absence of Swindon. (I was wearing the glasses prescribed to stop me falling asleep as well). 45 minutes onto my journey later, I passed my original motorway entry point and, quite honestly, passed the point of no return.

I have posted before about my failing mind, and many of you have been kind enough to jump in with words of reassurance and sympathy, which is nice, especially since Husband of my Heart can only point out that I am a liability.

I put it down to a  momentary lapse of concentration. Unfortunately, several moments quickly add up to a permanent state of bewilderment which is, I have to admit, a bit of a worry. I blame the government. Just kidding. I do blame our attention deficient society though, which has made the act of concentration a dying art.

Son No. 2 has ADD – Attention Deficient Disorder – or “a creative brain” as we call it, depending on how annoying he gets 😉 At school it was a problem as there was always something more interesting going on in his head than what was happening in the room. In the real world, it makes employment in regular jobs a nightmare. He once worked as a waiter and couldn’t remember an order from table to kitchen. But it also gives him the most incredible powers of concentration when he is engaged with something, such as music.

The older I get, the more I find myself drifting off when uninterested. Maybe I’m just turning into a cantankerous old git who can’t be bothered to be polite any more. Perhaps I should buy a SatNav, except I really don’t like being told what to do.

You know how I’ve decided 2012 is my year of hugs? Well, I could do with a cyber-hug from you if you have the time. I’m feeling a bit worn out today. Sometimes, I think it’s best just to give in and have a duvet day when you have a flat battery, don’t you?

(If any of my Brides are reading this, don’t worry: I will be travelling to your wedding the night before, so I will be on time!)


  1. absolutely ((HUGS)) — and yes a duvet day does help sometimes…

    While you were wandering, did anything sparkle/catch your attention? Sometimes those detours we take from inattention give us new ideas or new bits of beauty or other positive things IF we don’t beat ourselves up, get anxious, etc.

    As to drifting off when uninterested…some times we indeed need to PAY ATTENTION. Then again, too often we are wasting the lovely time we have left in life on tedious, unnecessary, boring things/people.

    Here’s to really LIVING!

    • Hi Jill – thanks for the hug! I was thinking about something, I expect. Goodness knows, I’m a thinker! And I HATE wasting time…

  2. (((((Jo)))))

    My TomTom snaps me back into attention at every blinking opportunity…

    • Aw, Stu – that was a warm one! (The hug, people, the hug!)

  3. Heres a big hug- -a roo for you, and get your eyes tested xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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