Posted by: Admin | October 3, 2012

The Happiest of Happy Days


Proud Dad, Veiled Daughter

Over the months I’ve laid my life bare on this blog and shared with you my ups and downs, my rants and rages, my hopes and fears. Today I’d like to share a taste of a day of love, pride, gratitude and pure unadulterated joy. Our family expanded once more on 22nd September when we welcomed Frank into it as our daughter’s husband.

I knew it was going to be emotional, but I wasn’t prepared for quite how much my heart would swell. (metaphorically speaking, I trust!) At times I was rather grateful that my big hat kept falling over my eyes. Struggling to keep the tears at bay during the ceremony resulted in the occasional huge intake of breath which was far more distracting than straightforward blubbering could ever have been. As son no 2 said afterwards: “I’ve been fighting back tears all day – I don’t know why I even tried!”

Mr & Mrs

We are not a religious family, and my daughter opted for a civil ceremony at Priston Mill, a disused watermill on the outskirts of Bath that has been converted for use as a wedding venue. In the UK it isn’t legal to marry in the open air, so the Mill has installed a wooden pagoda in the middle of the lovely gardens which has been licensed for marriage ceremonies.

Katy desperately wanted to be married outside and the sun, quite literally, shone on her that day. Sitting with my children, my grandchildren, my sisters and brother, mum, aunts and uncles and all of Frank’s family and the couples’ friends, as Frank and Katy exchanged their vows in the autumn sunshine was, quite simply, one of the happiest moments of my life.

my beautiful, happy girl

my sisters and me

A lot of people question the value of spending so much on one day. Would the money be better spent on helping a young couple set up home? Or pay off student debt? Yes – and no. You can’t put a price on family unity and a wedding is so much more than a party. In my view, it was worth every hard-earned penny.

You will be pleased to know, I’m sure, that I managed to maintain an elegant facade for several hours. Then the music started and I had to lead the dancing. It would have been rude not to. I said to Son no.1, “I’m dancing as if no one is watching.” “Yes,” he replied, “the trouble is, everyone is.” Oh well.

me, minus hat, and my mob – 2 daughters, and now 3 sons. And Frank’s mum has gained a daughter. Ain’t life grand?

I was banned from taking a camera as, understandably, Katy wanted me to be the Mother of the Bride and she knew I’d get carried away with a camera in my hand! Plus, of course, since she acts as my assistant at weddings, she didn’t fancy changing lenses and gathering people together in her wedding finery. We had a pair of lovely and very talented professionals to do that – Cristina Rossi and Kat Hill – though the photographs you see here were all taken by guests.

This happy feeling lasted all through the week in Cornwall with husband and sons that followed. Meeting up with the new Mr & Mrs on the way home after their honeymoon, we could see they were still in their wedding bubble. And why wouldn’t they be? Katy has won an all expenses paid honeymoon at a spa hotel in the Caribbean. They fly out on Sunday, carrying their Dad’s and my blessings for a long and happy life together with them. Sigh. I’m off again – why do we cry when we’re happy, dammit?



  1. What an amazing day iot was, so happy we were part of it, wishing them love and luck throughout their coming days and eyars together xxxx

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