Posted by: Admin | December 8, 2012

How to Fill an Empty Nest

You get on with your life and stop being such a clingy sap, OBVIOUSLY, but it is the finer details that concern me 😉

I had two contrasting suggestions present themselves to me today. The first was in the form of an excellent article about “mature” women setting up in business which appeared on the Women Unlimited network’s blog. As you will know, if you read this blog regularly, that was my own reaction to the emptying of my nest, coinciding with turning 50.

The second was in the title of the book I am currently reading, by Sue Townsend: The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year (Buy on Amazon by clicking here)

I have to confess, it was the latter that held my interest today. The (anti) heroine of the book has been looking forward to the moment that her charmless twins are taken to university by her (equally charmless) husband since the day they were born. Worn out by constantly looking after others, whilst simultaneously being despised by her intellectually gifted family, she climbs into bed and refuses to get up. There she contemplates her life so far (a bit like I’ve been doing on this blog!) and begins to rid herself, with the help of a friendly handyman, of all her possessions, her bodily weight, her faithless husband… everything and everyone who has ever made her feel less. She has all the furniture in her bedroom removed, the carpet ripped up and everything – floor, walls, ceiling – painted pure, brilliant white.

I should state here that I am fortunate to have a lovely, and faithful husband and children that I like as well as love, but I do relate to Eva’s overwhelming weariness and her sense that she needs to shed her skin in order to emerge renewed. And going to bed and not getting up is rather appealing on this cold, wet Saturday!

I don’t know how it ends for Eva – perhaps I’ll pop back later in the week and let you know – but I do believe that turning 50 triggers in many of us – women and men – a need to step back and look at where we’ve been, where we are now and where we are heading. And I think it’s important that we take the time to assuage that need: just not in quite such an extreme way!

So – as news of Eva’s self-imposed bed rest spreads she is besieged by the helpless, the hopeless and the officious until… I can’t spoil it for you. I’ll just say that it isn’t until Eva actually allows herself to really feel the pain she has bottled up over the years that she can start to let it go. Thought-provoking, tragic and really quite funny 😉

Next week we’ll have an interview with another inspiring 50 something. Meanwhile, I hope you all find a little oasis of peace and calm in the midst of this week’s Christmas preparations!



  1. I suspect the “cold, wet Saturday” has much to do with the appeal of hiding in bed! …but the book does sound like it focuses on a probably-more-common-than-admitted reaction to this transition time of life. (And I must confess that spring 2000 I took to my bed and refused to get out for 2-3 days…for similar reasons!!) HA!

  2. I relate to the weariness and shedding of skin to find rejuvenation. I am hibernating for a year- taking stock if the past events. Our home today has seemed positive. Finishing college applications for a keen son who has had his own personal battles. Await Eva out come

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