project50, as described below, is now at an end. If you’re curious about what I’m doing now, connect with me on my current blog, www.joblackwell.co.uk which acts as a hub for all my businesses and projects.

Are you over 50 or approaching your 50th birthday?  Me too – and I’d really like to meet you here on the Project50 Blog.

I’m a UK-based writer and photographer and I am planning to launch this blog on 2nd July – my 49th birthday – to celebrate life at 50.  The project will last initially for 52 weeks and will feature photographs, interviews, articles and words of wisdom around the subject of what it means to be 50 in the 21st century.   At the end of the year I aim to produce a compilation of the best contributions plus 50 portraits in book form.

There can be so many negative connotations surrounding this landmark birthday, from the insurance ads on the TV to the youth culture so prevalent in today’s society. Plus most of us by this age will have experienced at least one or other of life’s trials, whether it be divorce, depression, empty nest syndrome, redundancy, bereavement or illness.  Yet there are also so many things to celebrate – new-found freedom, second careers, grandchildren, new relationships, hobbies and interests, plus a confidence that only comes with age and experience.  Given that we are now expected to work for much longer this is just as well!

Project 50 is intended to be a positive, inspirational forum for like-minded people to share ideas and thoughts as well as an online diary of my own “passage through the portal”, as it were!  Anyone over 50 or approaching their fiftieth birthday is invited to contribute to the blog by adding comment, uploading their photographs and sending me ideas for subjects they would like to see covered over the year.  I need stories that would inspire others (new business, challenges overcome, adventures embarked upon and so on) and I need to find 50 people who are 50, or who will turn 50 in 2010/ 2011, who would like their 50th to celebrated with a portrait in the book.

You can contact me by commenting on any of the posts below, or by email:


I look forward to meeting you!




  1. I know I am not 50 next year, in fact I won’t be 50 for another 8 years! But, just wanted to say… well done sis for not only always being an inspiration and making me think anything is possible but also, damn it woman, how come we both look a similar age!!!! I guess I can only hope looking young is in the genes!! love you

    Caz xx

    • Bless you – how come you’re not this nice to my face? Seriously, thanks for your support. Love xxx

  2. Dear Jo,
    You may, or may not remember me. But I visited your last workplace, where you sorted out my transition from Scotland to this beautiful area.
    Thank you for recommending this web-site, it is a real breath of fresh air. My older sister, now 50 going on 51, lives in Canada and I feel sure she’d enjoy the content of your superb site.
    Out of good manners, and respect to yourself, is it in order that I e-mail her and ask her to look up the site?
    I look forward to your reply, and shall comply with whatever you request/suggest/deny.

    I wish you all the very best of luck in your new venture and hope all is going well for you.

    (As promised, I wrote to your manager thanking you for your interpersonal skills and guidance after I threw my toys well and truly outr of the pram – remember? I requested that my appreciation letter be passed to the HR Dept to be added to your file. You may have left by the time it arrived, but I think it is worth you having a copy, just in case any future event may require any caracture recommendation)

    May the Universe guide your adventures, and happiness follow you like a guardian angel.

    Got to go now before my cocoa overboils on the stove, usually retire early these nights, you know the score!!

    • Hello Bill (or do you prefer Will?). OF COURSE I remember you – I remember everyone who throws their toys! Seriously, really happy to see you on here. Thank you for your kind words and please do pass the word over to Canada – the more the merrier! Funnily enough, I interviewed a lady from Toronto only yesterday.

      I did see your lovely letter, though it never was mentioned to me officially. I hope things are going well for you. Do come back and visit again. Cocoa at 4.15? Crikey! xx

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